In terms of stylistic advantage, Juyo/Vaapad is probably even a better counter than Djem-so for Makashi. Fight to the death. Re: Anakin Skywalker and Count Dooku vs Mace Windu and Yoda on September 26th 2020, 9:09 pm Yoda beats Anakin better in every way except endurance and it doesn’t matter because it won’t last longer than a minute. Posted by. Mace Windu vs Count Dooku # Mace Windu Lol, yeah. "I won't be your apprentice!" Dooku and Windu met in the old canon and Dooku fled. The Count wins here in a magnificent fight. Lmao. "Mediocre? So to answer your question, Anakin is nowhere close to her either. save. Dooku and Windu met in the old canon and Dooku fled. Round 3: In character, active force powers allowed. I can’t remember where, but I believe it was suggested that Windu and Dooku were considered equals in lightsaber combat. Dooku sait que Windu est un duelliste remarquable : il n'a pas le droit de perdre (donc de mourir) vis à vis des engagements qu'il a avec son Maître. Thanks to Talzin's sacrifice, Maul ultimately managed to survive the Clone Wars and wound up hiding on Malachor where he continued plotting revenge against the Sith and their Empir… Which is an offensively based form, and, a Jedi version of Juyo. Juyo/Vaapad stated to be more aggressive than Ataru, but it's not only based on speed and acrobatics like Ataru, it's more aggressive because it also relies on not only speed, also relies on strength, just like Djem-so. Vos's fingers tightened. hitung dooku vs. hitung dooku vs. Jawaban 1: Pertanyaan ini sedikit tidak adil. Both Soresu (form III) and Ataru (form IV) comes after form II, you may think that those two Soresu and Ataru should be more advanced than makashi, it's, because Ataru is faster than makashi, and Soresu has far better defenses, but none of these fighting styles are for dueling only, makashi is. ''The Form VII (Juyo/Vaapad) practitioner fights with controlled fury, laying about with a combination of frenzied, rapid strikes and powerful blows.''. Mace Windu vs Count Dooku. Mace Windu is arguably the most skilled lightsaber duelist of all time and his style is particularly effective against other dark side users. The answer is Form VIII (Juyo/Vaapad) and Form V (Djem-So). Mace Windu was a Human Jedi Master and arguably the Jedi Order's greatest warrior during the Clone Wars. Mace Windu VS Count Dooku Thread starter Samurai Navarre; Start date Dec 19, 2015; Status Not open for further replies. It's absolutely unbelievable that anyone would have second thoughts about the results. While yes, Yoda would've won had it continued, it was an inconclusive duel. It's not like they were both alreafy there. 5 years ago. Could go either way. Mace. MAce Windu lost to Anakin because he thought he was on his side, that's a totally irrlevant fight. But Juyo and Djem So definitely pose an issue for him, mostly because of his lack of stamina. While Makashi was developed only for dueling between the lightsaber users, and it has a perfect advantage against Ataru, because Makashi can easily take a better positioning advantage against Ataru's bullrush speed attacks, and spinning attacks, and acrobatic movements, it can tire the lightsaber user opponent during the fights by taking better positioning and leverage, as we've seen from Dooku's AotC Kenobi duel, AotC Kenobi had Dooku backing for a while, but Dooku's Makashi skills manage to take the advantage back against AotC Kenobi's Ataru, and he gets the advantage against him shortly after. As such, he commanded incredible influence over the Jedi Council and subsequently the Jedi Order itself. Think about it: Normally, Sith lords rely heavily on Force lightning when fighting a Jedi (like Palps vs. Mace Windu). save. II”Star Wars is certainly in many ways a dream tale: it't heroes are usually wizards, it's weapons are usually swords, it't governments are usually routines. Than Windu fought and beat Dooku's master. Because he doesn't have the skill? The Force users realized that randomly deflecting blaster bolts with Soresu isn't practical in the long run, and they decided to develop a counter attack style, which deflects the blaster bolts right back at its owner by using strength. Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Lightsaber Duels is a Wii fighting video game based on Star Wars: The Clone Wars. 29 comments. Mace Windu appears in the set 7261 Clone Turbo Tank, first as a light-up lightsaber Minifigure, then the figure was later changed to a standard minifigure in the set in 2006, a year after its initial release.The new figure remains similar to the light-up lightsaber appearance, and features a brown head with two black dot eyes, two slanted eyebrows, and a black, slightly slanted mouth. Mace vs dooku is pretty much even split, though I favored dooku ever so slightly. The first explanation doesn't make much sense; he was full Dark Side at the end of the movie and Obi-Wan still kicked his ass. I have lost count how many times this has been done lol. Close. "You introduction...," Dooku choked out. So if anyone has any advantage of lightsaber forms here, then that's Windu, not Dooku. Sorry, but that's an excuse so low nobody who can objectively assess this critically would've drawn your conclusion. ―Mace Windu, to Maul and Count Dooku Windu oversaw the hunt for Maul, believing that his capture could help to end the Clone Wars. Who would win? Do we assume that Sidious was sandbagging for the purposes of this conversation. The most relevant quotes from the novelization, re: Dooku's thoughts. HD Mace Windu, allied with Jar Jar Binks, fights Mother Talzin and her small force of cultists. Anything and everything goes. Round 4: Bloodlusted, active force powers allowed. Home ; Gallery ; FAQ ; Search . "A team. 1 of 2 Go to page. The Prequels show how the Jedi exist as peacekeepers who maintain order. Re: Mace Windu & Count Dooku Vs Darth Vader (Knightfall) on March 17th 2020, 5:01 pm No offence, but I've had this debate so many times that I really don't want to get into Mace vs Sidious right now, @The God Emperor Also, Dooku vs Mace is a fight that would last a lot longer than 'just a few minutes' even with some help from the borderline fodder Magnagaurds. Favori. Windu vs Dooku & Ventress on Tue Dec 08, 2020 7:03 am The Master of the Order, the second grand master, the one who beat Palpatine AKA the mighty Mace Windu takes on the senile Count Dooku and bald Asajj Ventress. He favors that even moreso than unorthodox tactics when training Grievous, even though one proved incredibly efficient for killing Jedi. We see Dooku run from both Mace and Yoda with his tail between his legs. Round 1: In character, passive force powers only. I was gonna say that they've never fought and that Windu was actually stated to be one of the only two Jedi who could beat Dooku. This indicates that Mace is not only utilizing the darkness within himself, but also Sidious's darkness by drawing on Sidious's rage and power and then reflecting/fountaining it out against Sidious. Not to mention, he literally said to Mace "you won't kill me. All I heard was that he and Sidious would have attempted to turn Anakin to their cause then and there. Than Windu fought and beat Dooku's master. He's too personally, financially, and socially powerful to be said to have delusions of grandeur. Mace will vaapad him to a draw at the very least. Property of Lucasfilm and Disney The other was former Master Dooku, whose own fighting style was archaic, yet stunningly effective. ''Juyo/Vaapad: The most aggressive and unpredictable form. I don't think you're giving Dooku enough credit, Thorom. Then shatterpoint takes care of things. report. When faced with an incredibly unpredictable opponent, Dooku might be unable to discern a way around their fighting style. without Vaapad Sidious would have won without much difficulty. Versions: Palpatine (ROTS), Vader (Just after ROTS), Dooku (ROTS) vs Luke (ROTJ), Yoda (ROTS), Mace (ROTS) Location: Mustafar. Both Tyranus and Mace have accolades that put one over the other. Mace Windu's 'vapaad' not working on Dooku is only true if Dooku doens't dare to use electric or strangle force which he has many times done. The battle wasn't exactly decisive, and Dooku withdrawing out of disinterest doesn't really mean anything. Mace is a match for Sidious. That seems an adequate summation of Dooku after he went Sith. Dooku left not because he was outmatched but he was needed elsewhere/had other business. Vos all but danced around Dooku, forcing the older man to whirl, strike, and block from every side. We know how much he emphasises on form, elegance and finesse above all else. Care you sum it up for those who haven't watched the video? Log in ; Register ; Suspect Insight Forums. You must log in or register to reply here. And why? Following Bulq's death, his name became known among those who worried of the fate of the Galactic Republic and whispered of the fall of the Jedi. Mace Windu vs Count Dooku. Dooku wheezed. Le 27 novembre 2017 à 09:19:01 PTDRMW3MDR a écrit - page 7 - Topic Mace Windu VS Comte Dooku du 24-11-2017 23:37:00 sur les forums de I never really paid any attention to your other points, as this is the only one I'm interested in addressing. Round 1: SW Canon versions. Restrictions: None. Mace and Dooku take this in a really great fight. Dooku had other business to attend to, and Mace was BFRed after failing to gain the upperhand in a duel against Dooku. That's why it's very hard for Force users to not to fall to the dark side while using Juyo, because they are abusing the Force with every move, which is why Windu created Vaapad, so he could use the same form without falling to the dark side of the Force. Djem-so is confirmed to be a very good counter for Makashi, because of its ''kinetic power''. Jcogginsa. However, Mace Windu os a major wartime figure for the Jedi, and he orchestrates the Republic's actions during the war, not unlike Palpatine. 22. So overall, Soresu and Ataru are better fighting styles, while Makashi is a better lightsaber dueling style. Mace Windu (TPM) vs … hide. Mace Windu's 'vapaad' not working on Dooku is only true if Dooku doens't dare to use electric or strangle force which he has many times done. ''Unpredictability'' is also a shared trait with Savage's fighting style. Then Palps hits Mace with lightning which Mace holds off and then redirects it towards Palps causing him a lot of pain. Um… No question there. Silhouetted in this light is a face. Power vise Dooku has been stated to be either equal, which I don't believe, or comparable to Yoda that makes on par or better than Mace Saber vise Dooku's style makes him a perfect candidate for beating Mace, cold and calculated. However, he's stronger, just as fast, and is just as skilled with a saber. Or you could join with me again. This theory suggests that Mace Windu might have been corrupted by power during the Clone Wars. And considering that never happened, I’d wager palpatine takes it. Whether he always was such a total and utter basketcase remains a matter of some contention. Apparently the ROTS novelization gave an official explanation for that. These 2 are probably 2 of the most evenly matched fictional characters ever. But I find this kind of odd because in the past he has stomped and easily defeated unpredictable enemies or characters wielding weapons that would make their fighting style unpredictable (lightsaber whip/energy whip). Mace Windu vs Count Dooku # Mace Windu Yeah. It is also called ''Ferocity Form''. Next Last ••• More options Who Replied? "Am I? hide. Archived. JediMasterYoda2 ... Dooku VS Windu . JavaScript is disabled. Which is why when Dooku faced with Savage Opress, he got one-shotted because of Savage's physical strength; his elegant Makashi couldn't match with its powerful blow. 203 comments . He's just as skilled (probably slightly more skilled), has better physicals, and he's considerably more powerful. Debates' started by Jcogginsa, Dec 22, 2015. Does that about cover it? Serious. Dooku knows he isn't a match for Sidious. Ok, let’s start with dueling feats. I agree Windu and Dooku are roughly equals. Feats from EU and new canon allowed. He was also described numerous times as Yoda's close equal in skill and power, and we all know Yoda beat Dooku in AotC. Soresu was developed for ultimate defense and it's for deflecting blaster bolts and any other kind of attacks. Round 2: Bloodlusted, passive force powers only. I forget which comic or novel it was, but it stated that before Revenge of the Sith, only Yoda and Mace could defeat Dooku. Lucas claimed only Yoda AND Mace can rival Sidious. Close. Le comte Dooku ou Dark Tyranus, est un personnage de fiction de Star Wars qui apparaît dans les épisodes II et III. Dooku went head to head with YODA , and nearly matched his prowess with a blade. Discussion in 'Vs. He previously matched with Gundark's gigantic physical strength, and even break its hold, which is expected from a master of Juyo/Vaapad fighting style. A master of every single form of lightsaber combat and numerous aspects of the Force, only Jedi as powerful as Grand Master Yoda could call themselves his peer in battle. Not today." Round 2: EU versions . See my other ads for more toys and transformers. Sidious was vaapad's max. Although Maul was able to escape Dathomir alive, Sidious judged him as no longer being a threat to the Sith rule of the galaxy. 121. Back in the day, it was widely praised as one of the better offerings of the EU. Takes place in the arena where Sidious fought Yoda. Samurai Navarre The Angel of Death. He LITERALLY said "you won't kill me, because I can run away! '', Source: Star Wars - Absolutely Everything You Need to Know (2015). We can't say the magnaguards didn't act on their own initiative seeing as Dooku never gave any verbal command. The dark whispers spoke of Bulq, of Depa Billaba, and other Jedi who had fallen to the dark side of the Force, or worse, had massacred civilians or joined the Separa… Kenobi VS Maul can go both ways, Maul usually took the advantage in their Clone War duels. While historically there have been wars in the galaxy, the Jedi don't exist as generals -- at least, not regularly. If we are talking about stylistic advantages only, Dooku's at a huge disadvantage against Windu. Well Dooku did use his force lightning effectively in most of the fights he's in during TCW. Posted by 2 years ago. 30,00 $ Star Wars Revenge of the Sith Sidious vs Mace Battle Arena Laval/Rive Nord 22-décembre-20. Ep III: Mace, definitely, no contest. May I ask what the rest of the plan in his head was? While he fights t… Battle. But to give a definitive answer for the scenario I would say Windu. In the history of the Jedi Order, only two opponents ever overcame him in battle. Dooku was also Palpatines apprentice, and in the rule of 2, the sith apprentice is SUPPOSED to kill his master once he’s stronger. share. Mace will vaapad him to a draw at the very least. Juyo/Vaapad (Form VII) and Djem-So (Form V) are the most troublesome 2 styles for Form II Makashi. Yoda never defeated Dooku. Summary. Find him. This is made even clearer where Mace Windu is said to “accept the furious speed” of Sidious and drawing on “the shadow’s rage and power” and then letting it “fountain out”. I'd favor Dooku as I believe he's slightly more powerful and slightly more skilled. Are you referring to their duel on Boz Pity? Even if you don't believe Sidious was going all-out against Windu, Anakin had trouble even following Windu's movements in Windu's fight against Sidious. Mace, at a minimum, scales to every other Jedi in the Order since he is considered the Order's best duelist. Now Windu vs Palpatine. Because "the magnaguards will distract you while I make my departure". It has no offensive power or any attack power against Makashi, if it's dueling, Makashi also has advantage against Soresu. The same Talzin also was doing just fine dueling Windu in a sword fight in season 6. 90% Upvoted. Anakin Skywalker vs Mace Windu Thread starter Phenomenon; Start date Sep 16 ... to hers and Dooku's to Sidious, they were evenly matched in parity. In the aftermath of a battle between the Separatists and Shadow Collective , Chancellor Palpatine informed Windu that Count Dooku and Maul were seen near Ord Mantell . It's not a coincidence that both unpredictable fighters Vos and Savage has succeeded against Dooku in combat. Windu was a sparring partner of Count Dooku, and is confirmed to have beaten him in the past. Again, Vos slammed Dooku's head against the unyielding metal of the deck, this time with his hand around the older man's throat. share. To defeat Dooku by using Ataru, one must be above his power level, which Kenobi wasn't at that level, Yoda overpowered Dooku by simply being on a different level than him, which is why the stylistic advantage didn't mean anything for Dooku in that fight. So, at first we have Anakin as a child. He couldn't possibly spend an extra couple minutes to do that. Good fight! Form VII Juyo/Vaapad is the ''most unpredictable'' form of all lightsaber combat forms. That being that Anakin got a power boost from briefly giving into the Dark Side (which isn't exactly new for SW), and that Dooku was going easy on him to an extent due to instruction from Palpatine. And then-there it was. Dooku est un Seigneur Sith et le commandant suprême de la Confédération des systèmes indépendants. I would like to analyze the different points of Anakin’s life and put him up against the only version of Windu that the movie franchise knows. The answer is simple really, Mace Windu is a master of Vapaad. Windy VS Dooku I think Windu wins semi-comfortably. The second makes even less sense since he's clearly shocked by his own loss and death rather than being a willing martyr. Who's got the lightsaber?" While he fights to end the war, he states that, in order to secure a peaceful transition, the Jedi will need to control the Senate. Go. So what I'm getting from this is that Count Dooku is a sociopathic malignant narcissist. That is not what you said, you said Mace was definitely superior which is what I was arguing against. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. And for people saying Mace is a match for Sidious, he is not. HD Mace Windu, allied with Jar Jar Binks, fights Mother Talzin and her small force of cultists. He didn't mention Dooku there. He stalemated General Grievous in Labyrinth of Evil. But let's not forget that Dooku was over 90 years old in Ep III, of course his powers were diminishing. Palpatine, Darth Vader, Count Dooku vs Luke Skywalker, Yoda, Mace Windu. Les forums de discussions de la Planète Star Wars sur Dooku VS Windu? MAce Windu lost to Anakin because he thought he was on his side, that's a totally irrlevant fight. Saying someone's superpower won't work well in a fight isn't the same as saying they will lose it. Mace Windu vs Mom Talzin - Time of year 6 event 9 “The Disappeared Rehabilitation. So dooku will lose. Its why he tries to recruit people to help him take Sidious down. But yeah. mercredi 14 décembre 2005 - 11:09 Modification Admin Permalien × One was Master Yoda, who some said was the Order's true master of lightsaber combat. We've seen that a Juyo/Vaapad user can overpower even a Djem-so user, and Djem-so is actually a form that relies on physical strength by using the Force; Any other form, other than perhaps Soresu, has no chance to deflect ''powerful blows'' of Juyo/Vaapad. Fans were eager to see Luke battle against Supreme Leader Snoke in The Last Jedi but those hopes are dashed when both… Equals.''. 1; 2; Next. They're practically dead even, only way one can beat the other is by exploiting a mistake the other makes. He curb-stomped Obi-Wan and Anakin at the same time, curb-stomped Obi-Wan again, and fought Yoda to a draw, proving to be nearly his equal as far as use of the Force goes, but somehow Anakin was able to defeat him alone at the beginning of Episode 3. We've seen Mace could cut down a giant Gundark vertically with only a single slash, this is an example of ''powerful blow'' of Juyo/Vaapad. Both Dooku and Windu bring their own mastery of their respective lightsaber combat styles, Makashi and Vaapad. Discussion board for Star Wars versus matchups and related topics. @Trayus Marauder wrote:Considering his opponents as well as the overall presumed stipulations of these vs matches, there's no reason to assume that Mace will be restraining himself to tier 8 levels.He would logically cut loose to a level that is comparable to Sidious. Mace is canonically above Dooku as a tier 9. Would you like to react to this message? Click to expand... Thats what i thought Nice to know that even with my limited knowledge on … Serious. Djem-so also focuses on physical strength, not only to defense. Count Dooku vs Mace Windu. See what happens. Count Dooku vs. Mace Windu. @kirkseven: yeah it's totally reasonable to be disinterested in killing a grand general of the republic and a master of the order of jedi council, if you have the ability to do it. In canon, its probably a stalemate until Dooku runs out of energy. Not. Obi Wan is a master of Suresu, a defensively based form that only weakness is form 7…Juyo/ Vapaad. Sorry, but once again, this is NOT debatable. Mace will take on Maul, and it'll be a long, drawn out fight, but one that will ultimately see Mace prevail. Saying someone's superpower won't work well in a fight isn't the same as saying they will lose it. he just had the perfect style advantage as Dooku has here. Dooku's power confuses me. Again there was no one that had a clear advantage in this fight, there lightsaber skills were evenly matched with nobody being able to gain the upper hand. And what's the relation of Juyo/Vaapad and unpredictability? Master Windu himself remained perfectly balanced and centered. If he wanted to he could've taken that fight, considering he has the Magnaguards as back up as well, which also helped him easily capture Anakin in TCW. Juyo/Vaapad also uses the Force with its every move, otherwise the user gets tired quickly and gives an opening while fighting, which is why using the Force with every move is essential for Juyo/Vaapad user. As well as Soresu, Shii-Cho none of these styles have any offensive power to threat Makashi's skills of taking better positioning, and fencing abilities. Suddenly, the darkness is pierced by a blinding purple light. It isn't even hard math. And another big weakness of Makashi, is unpredictability. Re: Anakin Skywalker and Count Dooku vs Mace Windu and Yoda on September 26th 2020, 9:09 pm Yoda beats Anakin better in every way except endurance and it doesn’t matter because it won’t last longer than a minute. See ya!" And when we see these 3 fight, we indeed see they were all in the same ballpark. Which makes it a very good counter for Makashi. Who wins and by what extent? The one which is the most ferocious and aggressive one, by using the dark side of the Force; Juyo/Vaapad, Form VII, the most advanced form. This is not a debatable topic. We know that Dooku couldn't find an answer for Quinlan Vos's very unpredictable fighting style during the duel, and Vos forced Dooku to block from every side; ''But Vos's characteristic unpredictability-quite possibly even to himself-often gave him the edge. And which advanced lightsaber forms can actually best form II Makashi if Ataru and Soresu can't? We will defeat Sidious together!". So I'm kind of 50/50 on that. ... 12 serangan per detik dari Jenderal Grievous, diakui sebagai salah satu pejuang pedang terbesar dari Ordo Jedi oleh Mace Windu, dan lebih nyaman di atas yang disukai dari Asajj Ventress.