", "Tomorrow is our last chance to take a stand against David Perdue, Kelly Loeffler and Mitch McConnell", "Today is Election Day, Georgia! VIEWS. Republican incumbent David Perdue faces … Januar 2021 entschieden werden. Warnock is ahead of him right now. Warnock made history with his election win, becoming the first Black Democrat elected as a U.S. senator from a state in the South and only the 11th Black senator in the history of the nation. The Associated Press called the Georgia Senate runoff for Democrat Raphael Warnock, and as Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler trails Democrat Jon Ossoff, some Republican lawmakers faulted President Donald Trump’s rhetoric for the results of the races. The runoff election between Perdue and Ossoff was on January 5, 2021, alongside the special election for the Georgia U.S. Senate seat held by Republican Kelly Loeffler. In a statement, the Perdue campaign said the race -- as they expected – is “an exceptionally close election that will require time and transparency to be certain the results are fair and accurate and the voices of Georgians are heard. Live election results: Georgia Senate runoff on Jan. 5, 2021 U.S. Senate majority at stake in Georgia races With Trump calling his election outcome rigged, some Republicans feared it might discourage their voters to turnout in the runoff elections. “Loeffler Might Be the Worst Senate Candidate I’ve Ever Seen”: On the Day of Georgia’s Election, Democrats Are Cautiously Optimistic. ABC News. “It is with humility that I thank the people of Georgia for electing me to serve you in the United States Senate," Ossoff said. In several cases, they outperformed Biden’s margins of victory in these counties. Watch votes for incumbents David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, and challengers Jon Ossoff and … © 2021 USA TODAY, a division of Gannett Satellite Information Network, LLC. In November, Biden won Georgia by 11,779 votes, becoming the first Democrat to carry the state for president since 1992. Raphael Warnock, who leads Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler by more than 54,729 votes, is the projected winner in his race. ", "Tomlinson, Warnock bids for U.S. Senate endorsed by key progressive group", "The Jolt: A plea for pandemic restrictions on funerals", "Georgia Senate: Amico nabs labor endorsement", "Voter turnout soared in Georgia despite massive primary day problems", "Mitchell, Norwood to qualify for Atlanta mayor as Bartell drops out", "United States Senate election in Georgia, 2020", "NEW DETAILS: Who's challenging Sen. David Perdue in 2020? Poll sponsored by The Human Rights Campaign, which endorsed Biden before this poll's sampling period. Following the 2020 U.S. Senate elections, Republicans held 50 Senate seats and the Democratic caucus held 48, including two independents who caucus with the Democrats. Gabriel Sterling, Georgia voting system implementation manager, said he expects most ballots to be counted by Wednesday but for final counts not until Friday. With voters who lean towards a given candidate, "Other candidate" and "No one" with 0%; Undecided with 2%, With a likely voter turnout model featuring higher turnout than in the 2016 presidential election, With a likely voter turnout model featuring lower turnout than in the 2016 presidential election, "Someone else" with 2%; Undecided with 4%, "Someone else" with 3%; Undecided with 6%, "Someone else" and would not vote with 1%; "Undecided/Refused" with 8%, "Someone else" and did/would not vote with 1%; "Undecided/Refused" with 6%, "Someone else" with 0%; Undecided with 3%, "Some other candidate" with 3%; Undecided with 8%, "Someone else" with 1%; Undecided with 2%, "Someone else" with 0%; Undecided with 2%, "Another Third Party/Write-in" with 3%; Undecided with 9%, "Someone else" with 2%; Undecided with 8%, "Other" and "No one" with 0%; Undecided with 6%, "Someone else" and would not vote with 0%; "Undecided/Refused" with 16%, Overlapping sample with the previous Morning Consult poll, but more information available regarding sample size, Additional data sourced from FiveThirtyEight, "Another Third Party/Write-in" with 3%; Undecided with 11%, Would not vote with 1%; Undecided with 4%, Would not vote with 2%; Undecided with 9%, "Some other candidate" with 4%; Undecided with 10%, "Someone else" with 3%; Undecided with 10%, "Third party candidate" with 3%; would not vote with 2%; Undecided with 14%, "Another candidate" with 4%; Undecided with 6%, Undecided with 8%; "Other" with 3%; would not vote with 2%, "Someone else" with 4%; Undecided with 3%, "Someone else" with 6%; Undecided with 4%, "Someone else" with 8%; Undecided with 5%, 2020–21 United States Senate special election in Georgia, Democratic nominee in 2006 Georgia Secretary of State election, Democratic nominee in 2014 Georgia governor's election, Associate Justice of the Georgia Supreme Court, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, 2016 United States Senate election in Georgia, Council for Citizens Against Government Waste Political Action Committee, National Federation of Independent Business, Vice President-elect of the United States, Joint Action Committee for Political Affairs, University of Nevada Las Vegas Lee Business School, Voter suppression in the United States 2019–2020: Georgia, "Jon Ossoff wins in Georgia, ensuring Democrats will control the Senate", "ABC News projects Ossoff victory over Perdue", "David Perdue concedes to Jon Ossoff, ending Georgia Senate runoffs", "GOP's David Perdue concedes to Jon Ossoff in Georgia runoff", "Georgia Senate races shatter spending records", "Georgia certifies Ossoff and Warnock victories, paving way for Democratic control of Senate", "Inside David Perdue's 2020 race for another U.S. Senate term", "Candidate fields for 2020 races in Georgia take final shape", "Georgia U.S. Senate Primary Election Results", "Former Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson formally announces 2020 U.S. Senate bid", "Tomlinson's fundraising total could give rival Ga. Democrats an opening", "Amico enters Georgia race for Senate after her company's bankruptcy", "AJC and Democratic Party Exclude Black Candidates from GA US Senate Debate", "Clarkston's 'millennial mayor' drops out of Georgia Senate race", "Stacey Abrams Will Not Run for Senate in 2020", "BREAKING: Stacey Abrams won't run for US Senate in Georgia", "Updated: Who could challenge Sen. David Perdue in 2020", "The question for Georgia Democrats in 2019: WWAD? Winner Jon Ossoff, Democrat, wins the Senate runoff election in Georgia › Reid Epstein Jan. 6, 2021 A small new batch of votes has been reported in Georgia. Democrat Jon Ossoff declared victory over Georgia Republican David Perdue in a Wednesday morning speech to supporters in Atlanta, calling for unity to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic. ", "Jimmy Carter grandson declines Georgia Senate bid", "Stacey Evans to mount a political comeback after gov run", "I think about all that have lifted me up – specifically my teachers – and supported me through the years and continue to do so. 1", "The Jolt: Putting an end to free-for-all special elections? Raphael Warnock is the projected winner in Georgia's other Senate runoff race last night, meaning that if Ossoff's win becomes official, Democrats will begin President-elect Biden’s administration with control of both the House and Senate. But, it is because of them that I am going to continue to serve the people of my district as a state senator", "Georgia Senate: Michelle Nunn passes on a 2020 bid", "Kasim Reed: 'I think I've got another campaign in me, "Kasim Reed: 'I definitely want to run for office again, "Jon Ossoff launches run for Senate in Georgia", "Georgia Senate: Ossoff lands endorsements from 20 black officials", "The Jolt: Conservative outlets look askance at Kelly Loeffler-Doug Collins battle", "The Jolt: A top Tomlinson supporter flips to Ossoff's camp", "The Jolt: Anti-abortion groups push Governor Kemp to shut down clinics in Georgia", "Sitting Columbus councilor throws support to ex-Mayor Teresa Tomlinson's Democratic opponent", "Georgia Senate: Ossoff picks up former rival Terry's endorsement", "Second Columbus councilor throws support behind Ossoff in Senate race against former Mayor Tomlinson", "End Citizens United and Let America Vote Endorse Jon Ossoff and Rev. Ossoff leads Perdue by 17,567 votes in a race the Associated Press says is still too early to call. “When all the votes are counted we fully expect that Jon Ossoff will have won this election to represent Georgia in the United States Senate,” Ossoff campaign manager Ellen Foster said in a statement. [135][136][137] These elections are the third and fourth Senate runoff elections to be held in Georgia since runoffs were first mandated in 1964, following runoffs in 1992 and 2008. ET Tweet Share Copy Democrats officially took Senate control on Wednesday after sweeping both runoff elections in Georgia. Sterling said the Georgia secretary of state’s office requested all counties get their ballots tallied by 1 p.m., and he believes most will be able to do so. … 12:36 PM / January 6, 2021 Georgia's top election official: Ossoff will likely have a victory over 0.5% needed to avoid recount This is a rather blatant attempt to steal the election given what just happened during the presidential election. [7], Almost four times as many Georgia voters participated in the 2020 Democratic Senate primary as in the 2016 Democratic Senate primary, when only 310,053 votes were cast. Raphael Warnock, a Democrat, will end as the second-most expensive Senate race in history. “On COVID-19, on economic relief, on climate, on racial justice, on voting rights and so much more. “It turns out that telling the voters that the election is rigged is not a great way to turn out your voters,” said Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah. Winner Jon Ossoff, Democrat, wins the Senate runoff election in Georgia › Reid Epstein Jan. 6, 2021 A small new batch of votes has been reported in Georgia. [65] Ossoff also called Perdue a "crook" and criticized him for "attacking the health of the people that [he] represent[s]". Gabriel Sterling, Georgia’s voting system implementation manager, said more than 60,470 absentee ballots remain uncounted, mostly in Democratic-leaning counties in the metro Atlanta area. President's call to Georgia's Raffensperger spurs demand for criminal investigation, Georgia to campaign for the Republican candidates, Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. Posted on January 6, 2021, at 11:28 a.m. Democrats appear on the brink of taking control of the U.S. Senate with Raphael Warnock the projected winner over Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler and Democrat Jon Ossoff leading Republican Sen. David Perdue in Georgia’s two Senate runoff elections. ET Wednesday, the Associated Press projected Warnock the winner over Loeffler after the Atlanta pastor built his statewide lead to more than 46,500 votes. By Allen Zhong, The Epoch Times, January 2, 2021: He won Cobb and Gwinnett counties, which had recently swung Democratic, by over 43,400 and 74,800 votes, respectively, with both exceeding his statewide margin of 55,200 votes. Stephanie McNeal BuzzFeed News Reporter. Ossoff-Perdue Senate debate twists, turns around sharp contrasts", "Jon Ossoff's Blistering Attack on David Perdue at Georgia Debate Watched Over 2 Million Times", "Georgia Senate: Jon Ossoff goes viral for blasting Republican David Perdue over Covid-19 and health care", "After bitter debate in Georgia, Senator David Perdue cancels third face off with Jon Ossoff", "Senate debate on WSB canceled after Perdue pulls out of Sunday showdown", "Ossoff debates empty podium as Perdue refuses to participate", "2020 Senate Race Ratings for April 19, 2019", "Why the Democrats are our narrow favourites to win the Senate", "2020 Negative Partisanship and the 2020 Congressional Elections", "Daily Kos Elections releases initial Senate race ratings for 2020", "President Trump endorses Georgia's David Perdue, Karen Handel", "Perdue Flaunts Endorsements of Former Senators in Re-Election Campaign", "Sen. Tim Scott: David Perdue is the Statesman Georgia Needs", "Maryland Gov. Patrick Byrne: Georgia election data flowed to China and Islamabad, then back to Georgia The former Big Tech CEO knows how to track data, and what he found in the Georgia election is shocking. “They need to be in their jobs as soon as possible after January 20th.”, Biden added: “After the past four years, after the election, and after today’s election certification proceedings on the Hill, it’s time to turn the page. Gabriel Sterling, Georgia's voting system implementation manager, said at a Wednesday morning news conference Ossoff "will likely have a margin outside the half a percent to avoid a recount.". 1.8k. The next day, October 29, Perdue said he would not attend the third and final debate, previously scheduled to be broadcast on WSB-TV on November 1; instead Perdue decided to attend a rally with President Trump in Rome on the same day[68]—"as lovely as another debate listening to Jon Ossoff lie to the people of Georgia sounds",[67] according to a Perdue spokesman. Ossoff's current lead is 0.4 percentage points. The runoff election between Sen. David Perdue, R-Ga., and his Democrat opponent, Jon Ossoff, is set to end as the most expensive Senate race in U.S. history, according to reports made to the Federal Election Commission.. January 7, 2021. in China, Cybersecurity, Election 2020, News, State and Local. It’s Election Day in Georgia where millions have already cast their votes in the two Senate runoff races. Published: 1:34 PM EST January 6, 2021 Updated: 6:49 PM EST January 7, 2021 ATLANTA — One common question that has come up in recent days is when the vote is officially certified in Georgia. The two extremely competitive races will determine whether Republicans cling to their Senate majority. Congress is set to meet to count electoral votes Wednesday. When Ossoff takes office, he will be the first Democrat elected to a full term in the Senate from Georgia since Max Cleland, who held this seat from 1997 to 2003. Warnock, who leads Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler by more than 54,000 votes, is the projected winner in his race. [53], The first debate between Hazel, Ossoff, and Perdue occurred virtually[62] on October 12. The runoff election between Perdue and Ossoff was on January 5, 2021,[132] alongside the special election for the Georgia U.S. Senate seat held by Republican Kelly Loeffler. There needs to be an investigation into this immediately. Hogan endorses Loeffler and Perdue in high-stakes Georgia runoffs", "David Perdue's Ratings and Endorsements", "CCAGW PAC Endorses Sen. David Perdue for Re-election to the Senate", "The Jolt: Governor Kemp's lawsuit would overturn mask requirements in 100 Georgia cities, brief says", "We Can't afford another two years of Mitch McConnell", "@ReverendWarnock & @Ossoff will fight for workers—not corporate special interests. [133] If Democrats won both Georgia runoffs, their caucus would gain control of the Senate, as the resultant 50–50 tie would be broken by Democratic vice president–elect Kamala Harris. [4][5] According to the Center for Responsive Politics, this campaign was the most expensive in U.S. Senate history, with over $468 million spent. But that’s not … Live Georgia Senate runoff election results 2021, including votes, live maps and poll results for Senator David Perdue and Jon Ossoff by county and district. In a statement released last night, the campaign said they believed Perdue would still be victorious in the end. Raphael Warnock gewann die Wahl und wird damit einer von zwei Senatoren im Senat der Vereinigten Staaten für Georgia. If the Democrats lost either race, Republicans would retain control of the Senate. Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock both won Senate runoffs in Georgia, giving Democrats control of the Senate. 2020–21 United States Senate election in Georgia 5 January 2021 (second round) 2020–21 United States Senate special election in Georgia 5 January 2021 (second round) 2021 United States House of Representatives elections. “No evidence of any irregularities,” Sterling said when asked whether the election has seen any voter fraud. President-elect Joe Biden congratulated Democrat Raphael Warnock on “his groundbreaking win” and said he’s hopeful Democrat Jon Ossoff will also be victorious in the Georgia Senate runoffs. Trump has railed against the results of the November election despite states’ certification of their results, alleging without evidence massive voter fraud against him. “To everyone out there struggling today, whether you voted for me or not, know this,” Warnock said as he declared victory in a video from his home. On January 6, 2021, most major news outlets projected Ossoff the winner. Though no major election bills were introduced in the 2021 legislative session’s first week, state Republican leaders have placed Georgia … Georgia Senate runoff election results 2021 The dual runoff elections will decide which party controls the Senate. It was first published on Jan. 5, 2021. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Race calls … It … So, if Ossoff avoids that recount so does Rev. Few elections experts in Georgia predicted he would beat Perdue, given the Democrat fell about 88,000 votes behind Perdue in November. Georgia's top elections official will certify the results of runoffs that will tip the power balance of the Senate to Democrats as soon as … The Perdue campaign was not ready to concede. Ossoff, a CEO of a London-based investigative documentary company, entered the national political scene four years ago when he narrowly lost a special election in Georgia 6th Congressional District in a race that drew national attention, making it the most expensive House election at the time. Georgia election to decide control of US Senate is underway. Live 2021 Georgia election results and maps by county. Around 2 a.m. The possible Senate sweep in Georgia would give Democrats control of the Senate for the first time since 2014 and boost President-elect Joe Biden’s ability to carry out his early legislative agenda. Perdue has not conceded the race. There were still some mail ballots and in-person early votes left to be counted statewide, the majority of which are in Democratic-leaning counties. Senator from Georgia, This page was last edited on 22 January 2021, at 20:23. ", More:Closer look: How Trump dominated phone call pressuring Georgia election officials. China! “It makes it look like Jon Ossoff will likely have a margin outside of the half a percent (threshold) to avoid a recount,” Sterling said. Georgia election officials certified Jon Ossoff's victory on January 19, 2021; he was sworn in on January 20. Ossoff won the inner ring of the Atlanta area by a larger margin than in the general, which was more than enough to overcome Perdue winning more counties.
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