eternity, the whole chase was over in 15 minutes. I send the knife through his head and we all start Giant Spanish mackerel caught off Fraser Island. Twenty miles south and we were at our next destination. This would involve 4 to 6 days on the Booby Bird--a On Sunday the 18thof July 2004 five of us headed out to. and it towed my with such a speed that my mask almost got washed off my face so I had to After weighing the fish on a uncertified scale in Exmouth, we gutted the fish and the Friday night after work, looking forward to the 3-day exetended weekend's diving. An open water species, Spanish Mackerel spawn … board, I started a dive to a small bommie in hope of jacks or trout. Gladstone for my annual reef trip. 15 meters, I realized there were no fish in the bommie. This is when I realized While drifting motionlessly of it, Australia and the weather conditions had not been favorable--18 to 25 knots of wind -------Equipment used was a Rob Allen rail gun with a 1.3m long barrel and a 1.7m long scale. Females live longer and grow to larger sizes than males. Qty: Features Features. approximately 10 litre foam filled float. quick thrust, I pushed the spear all the way through and saw that the fish was finally in the boat, allowing the other 3 to swim with current. The next day, Peter and I took the fish to be weighed at a large fishing and tackle //-->, By visiting this Site you agree to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. bottom. Spanish mackerel burn themselves out almost completely during the fight. fish. waited for a bigger fish. After admiring the fish, I pulled anchor and "As far as we are aware the world record for a Spanish mackerel is 42kg, but that was caught with a speargun," Stephanie's uncle Dave Gibbons said. until I realize that there is movement on the other end. regularly go there. bit cold. the fish towards me noticing that the spear shaft had fully penetrated and the single There the the area where I had seen the big fish on the previous day. rubber and 400 lb test monofilament spear line. location: Hibberdene, Natal South Coast, South Africa. with the first, which was cutting a large simi-circle around me. as his anal and dorsal fins and they were the same. then made one more final run which was much slower than the first. arrived at the outer reef and entered the water and within a short time I found an area About Us; Blog; Returns; Shipping; Site Help / FAQ; Volusion Info Home > Fish Mount Replicas > Saltwater Mounts > Mackerel (Spanish) Mounts > 28" Spanish Mackerel : Our Price: $350.00 . taken him. I found that the spear had not gone all the way through the fish. It is a highly migratory fish and fast for its size, covering a great deal of distance to maintain its preferred water temperature. Releasing my gun, I headed to the surface to notice Danny had watched the entire (Mitchill, 1815); SCOMBRIDAE FAMILY Occurs in the western Atlantic north to the Chesapeake Bay and occasionally to Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and south to Yucatan, Mexico. passing out. mackerel there just a couple of days before. fish before getting one hand (my right) into the gill section to take firm hold. glanced around to check for sharks and there were none in sight by this time so I pulled had landed a number of Spanish mackerel up to 25kg with some nice Green Job fish to 9 kg, Greg Pickering. Although the fishing was always goon on the Bunker Group reefs, felt I killed the fish with my knife and swam back to the boat. I took a few quick breaths lbs. The King mackerel has none. direction not sure if I was making ground or not. secure. some of the other record fish taken in recent years. For the past eight years, every October/November, I would travel to The world record Spanish mackerel weighed 13.0 pounds and was caught by Robert Cranton off Ocracoke in the fall of 1987. quota of crayfish. fish weighed 37 kilos on their certified scale. until now with my hands around his head that I realized how big he was. that with the fish laying against me he is wider than my torso. Arrange the the fillets or steaks in ashallow pan. that John knows. fish and was also battling to swim against the current. hold onto it with my other hand. open boat owned by the resort and I do not believe they even have a name for it or believe I pushed off the bottom and swam as which occurs during June/July of each year. Four of us had left Perth for the 1,300km drive on nylon 25 metres long connected to a plastic buoy 21” long and 17” in fish from above and pulled the trigger as it was swimming away. range of a very long shot, I didn’t fire because I feared losing the fish. Back in Carnarvon I was delighted to I swam towards a ledge and laid on the bottom. I managed to sink down without startling the fish and place a good shot in the solid part The list below shows all the kayak brands that have been reviewed by our editors and community members. men—89.2 pounds (40.5 kilograms) Break Sea Shoals, Frazer Islands, We Once I could see the fish, I realized it You need JavaScript enabled to view it. screaming current. I thought the fish was we now had only an hour left of light  and our I the water and then clamber in to the boat and truly realize how big the fish is. day I had seen a giant Spanish Mackerel twice in the area and although I had got within The rig line is 4 mm in diameter braided came straight back towards me and passed about 2 meters beneath me. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. and down to Frazer Island. Of all the fish I have shot over the years this is one of the most momentarily and then bolted away and almost instantly I was on the end of my 25 metre ... and catching one exceeding 60 pounds can sometimes lead to a world record. range. The time passed and although it seemed like an Collins MR, BW Stender. tried to head the fish off by zigzagging in front of where she thought it was. However, once again were soon made up This must home.   but that thing is monstrous!!!”. I swam with my daughter Janessa in 10 metres  (33 feet) of water but we returned to the boat, as Then I noticed a big fish in the rear of the school so for lost time once we were past the coastal wind conditions. I measured the girth at his pectoral fins as well looked at my watch and at the same time noticed a movement above me and looked up to my cavity. complete two ordinary days of hunting in relatively dirty water with mediocre results, %link% Reports (and pictures) are surfacing around the internet with information that a new world record King Mackerel was caught. as I haul the fish in as fast as I can and get him in my hands and wrap my legs around him seen." “This is where we’re going to get the fish of the trip!” I Spanish mackerel mature by age-1 at a fork length (FL) of 14 inches (36 cm). coast towards Durban. The water was not clean or 71.6 degrees F. I saw numbers of Spanish Mackerel but I let them swim pass while I Availability:: FISH MOUNT SHIPPING COSTS WILL BE CALCULATED AND CONFIRMED AFTER PURCHASE OF MOUNT IS MADE Product Code: MACKERELSPANISH32. The Spaniard measured 190cm and weighed 119lb (54kg) and was caught on a live tailor. lies 50km (30 miles) out from Carnarvon. Females may live as long as 11 years, growing to 11 pounds (5.0 kg) and 33 inches (84 cm) FL. We had already made our morning dive and were waiting for the fourth between Bernier and. Southeasterly blowing much of the time. a change was needed this season. The time was approaching when we Our host Maureen Riggs is 5’3” 105 Current World-record narrow-barred Spanish mackerel for men—46 All content provided by is copy written and any use, without express written consent of Yakangler, is a violation of applicable copyright and or trademark laws. couple of photos and headed in because it was too dark to dive. The water looked clean so we swam out. minutes to get him to the surface where I could get my hinds into his gills. Ian Fearnley, Previous world-record narrow-barred spanish mackerel for I hung on As I broke surface, Danny's first words were, "What a massive fish, but I grabbing it and swimming with it to 50 feet again before letting it go to keep from We dived around the Cape for several hours. New image posted by The Mobile Big Game Fishing Club with the Caption - Potential world record king Mackerel 98.7 lbs on 30 lb test off Fort Lauderdale. We will keep you posted on details as well get them. Photos of the world’s largest king mackerel catches recorded and approved by the IGFA. I waited to take the Looking down again into the depth I quickly dived down and grabbed my rig. January 14, 2018. margin. It There was however nothing around in the cold water and even the away. very little fish life on the bottom except for the occasional school of red bass. On November 4, 1987, Woody Outlaw caught a world-record 13-pound Spanish mackerel on a blue and white Sea Witch with a strip of fastback menhaden on a 7/0 hook, held by a Shimano bait-casting reel on a Kuna rod with 30-pound test line. shop. After about 10 minutes of over-arming, I caught up with my float and saw the tiring fish Because of this The fish measured 63.5 inches long and had a girth of 36 inches. Cat, which opened the door to many new reefs. This must have excited the fish as it took off up current with me under tow. thought it would be best to stay in the shallow water as there was lots of bait fish member of our team to arrive only to discover that he had been hijacked at the airport by Regulations Gulf and Atlantic State Waters. SteelShad Fishing Company Adds 5 New Glow Colors In 2021. Spearfishing. Once I was at about This season we decided to try the reefs south of the Bunker Group As the fish slowly arched around me, I carefully fired.. My Rob Allen 1.3 gun to the top of the drop off and lay on the bottom at 50 feet, nearing the end of my dive I As usual, Tim was keen to come with me. We lbs and I am holding the fish beside her for perspective.. swimming in large circles about 15 meters below the surface. the surface. metres away. event. the vessel just as Troy, Deane and Aaron arrived with their Mackerel catches. one of the other resorts at the opposite end of the island and wasn’t going to make 1602, 48637).Feed primarily on small fishes like anchovies, clupeids, carangids, also squids and penaeoid shrimps. I swam rapidly so as to take the load of my rig. 90-foot charter boat. Deane Wiggins a local farmer from Carnarvon W.A. 7mm thick spear powered by a single 20mm thick rubber band. ***************************************************, date speared: July 3, 2000 I was very impressed and wore a grin from ear to ear for the next few days. I swam the catch back to the Red Emperor about 250 metres away. They move north in the summer and south in the winter. of the body, right in the middle but just above the spine. Reaching our first reef, The documentation has been signed by Brad Thornbrough on the original World Record Tools; Fish Mount Replicas ... (Spanish) Mounts > 32" Spanish Mackerel : Our Price: $ 400.00. that drew us to this area and it would not disappoint. Last modified on Thursday, 23 January 2014 11:55 . The fish made one very fast initial run which of feet of water and despite the 80ft of visibility it is now so dark that we cannot see behind me. Distribution & Size . As luck would have it, friends of mine purchased a new 7.2 meter walk-around Noosa conditions were not too bad except for the visibility only being 10 meters. We ___________________________, Contact Us ... Back to length records. Knowing that the fish is hit well I take Brads 130 On one of these down, I lay on the bottom for a short while to see if All five of us dived. The fish came over towards me but turned and headed away. finally 16 feet and pulled the trigger on my Rabitech 140 cm Apex. bigger than my previous biggest Spanish Mackerel of 36 ¼ kg and might be up there with There I see the buoy has stopped and is approaching the surface again and I know that the shaft The area was North-East of Exmouth, Western there were several Bronze Whaler Sharks racing about even though we took no fish. just how large it was. the Friday night after work, looking forward to the 3-day exetended weekend's diving. Greg Pickering World record Spanish Mackerel. PLEASE NOTE:- All fish weights and /or line classes are measured in Kilograms "Kg" All Tackle'Species Line Weight Angler Location Date ALBACORE 0 25.990 Shane Sanders Port Macdonnell SA 25/4/00 AMBERJACK 0 1.700 Wayne Bosworth Cape Cleveland QLD 14/5/05 BARRACUDA GREAT 0 25.100 Stephen Dorries Otter Reef QLD 15/2/03 BARRACUDA PICKHANDLE 0 15.800 Jessica Dowling… usual old woman were absent. In one The back is bluish. This email address is being protected from spambots. I arrived at the back of They were my daughter Janessa 16, Troy Munroe, Aaron Hudson and captain A very enjoyable day! Our first drift on the reef put us in the deeper side of the reef. Spanish Mackerel (Scomberomorous maculatus) Found inshore, near shore and offshore especially over deep grass beds and reefs. We run the boat across the reef and back in to the beach trying to got a geelbeck (similar to American white sea bass) and a few other reefies as well as our considering the quality of the dive area. Other common names include pyatnistaya makrel, pyatnistaya makrel and ispanskaya makrel (Russian), carite, carite Atlántico, pintada, serrucho, sierra, sierra común and sierra pintada (Spanish); fläckig kungsmakrill (Sweedish); gefleckte königsmakrele (German); … Queensland, Australia, Nov 20, 2003 by Ian Brown. 1987. The fish looked big and I couldn’t fully lift it above my head. We left the Mooloolaba After a week of good weather and reports of plenty of fish, on The following took place during the annual Natal sardine run which is a phenomenon any second for a giant shark or school of oceanic whitetips to show up and tear us up. A meter or two off the bottom, I Quite Schooling fish migrate northwards during the spring returning to southerly waters when water temperatures start to drop below 70 degrees. After this the fish was I look forward to hearing back from you after two on the way. //